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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2007|01:35 pm]
anne marie; experience the warmth
<lj-cut><b><u>PERSONAL INFO</u></b>
<b>name:</b> Kim
<b>age:</b> 22
<b>OOC Journal:</b> <lj user="kindarighteous">
<b>AIM SN:</b> fairytale eden
<b>email:</b> kimity@gmail.com

<u><b>CHARACTER INFO</u></b>
<b>Name:</b> Tifa Lockhart
<b>Game:</b> Final Fantasy VII
<b>Personality:</b> Somewhat of the girl next door, Tifa counters the sigma with her own strength and tomboy-like attitude. Growing up, she was the center of attention, but never let it go to her head. However, because of this she had a tendency to miss out on the ones still pining for attention and would have loved to reciprocate it if given the chance. Anymore she tries not to dwell on it, as the past has been put to rest. She still carries some of the weight of her actions as a young, bold, and adventurous girl but doesn't let it trouble her as much as she used to. Rather, she has tried to accept her past life as every bit of who she is and has found her own stability through the lives of others. She's as independent as she is dependent, needing to unconsciously lean on someone else to gain a sense of self.

Generally, she's an outgoing girl with a dry, sarcastic edge depending on who's around. She smiles more at ease and has rekindled a bit of a playful streak. She treasures her friends and would do anything for them, especially Cloud. Likely unknown to him is that his own discovered peace has put her at ease, too. Once being so determined to make a family of herself, Marlene, and Denzel with him, she is no longer concerned with the image and has dismissed the idea entirely in favor of letting things run their course. She remains the childrens' caretaker and treats them like she would her own.

Though a sensitive soul, Tifa is a closed book. While you can examine what she shows you on the outside, it speaks little for what she feels on the inside. She always tries to give her best face and encourages everyone around her. Hope is something carried not for herself, but for her friends. Always concerning herself with the well being of others, Tifa often forgets to take care of herself once in awhile. She's constantly struggling to remain composed as she does not want to worry anyone. Being around people is what keeps her spirits high and makes it easier to cope.

Nevertheless, when the chips are down, Tifa is always there to try to be the optimistic voice of reason. She endlessly supports those she cares about, and doesn't let the lack of esteem she has in herself affect that idea. Fortunately for her, it doesn't hinder her ability to be outgoing and friendly either. She is always willing to help someone out with whatever they made need. Sometimes she keeps to herself, but she likes--and prefers--making friends. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt in her eyes, and she is never one to judge. Her heart rests with her childhood friend Cloud, but it doesn't keep her from befriending guys. In fact, she's more comfortable around the opposite sex and prefers it that way. Shades of her old tomboyish attitude. Matters of love are a sensitive topic that she'd rather not broach, at least not when it comes to her own love life. She flusters easily in that regard and will quickly change the subject.

Since the meteor days, her disposition has improved. She's not nearly as sad and lovesick as she used to be. Though she has always carried a certain level of maturity, she now finds herself to be a self-assured young woman. She still packs a punch and she should never be taken lightly, as her temper is something best kept sealed. It's not easy to make her actually angry, but when she is, Tifa becomes a force to be reckoned with. Doubtless determination and the drive to see what she believes in through to the end are attributes that don't necessarily set her apart from any other girls, but have certainly made her every bit of the upstanding woman she is today. While she may still find herself to be plain and ordinary, her own quirks and personal beliefs make her very distinctive--a girl sure to be remembered.

<b>History:</b> With Sephiroth gone, Tifa and what was left of "AVALANCHE" sought more peaceful existences, to live out their lives as though they had never been adventurers nor heroes. She settled in the town of Edge built after Meteor's destruction of Midgar, and eventually reopened the Seventh Heaven bar. The friends that had remained eventually all went their separate ways, and Tifa was left tending the bar with Denzel and Marlene. The original purpose of reopening Seventh Heaven was to cheer up victims of Meteor, those who'd lost their home. It would give them a secure place to go, something she felt everyone needed.

<b>FIRST PERSON WRITING SAMPLE:</b> Well, here's to a fresh start in a new place. Getting my entire lack of stuff together has been a treat, but I'm happy to be doing this. A strange kind of anxious happy, at least. It's another adventure... just what I needed. First things first though! Job hunting. Aside from self-defense, liquor is my "thing." Lucky for me, the drinks haven't seemed to change. That'll be advantageous, I hope. I should try to adjust to this new place first, but I'd rather just launch myself into it head on instead. It's the best way to learn, and a sure fire way of keeping my mind off other things... like how much I do miss home and everyone..

I'm most looking forward to just... meeting people. It's not too different, but still I feel so ordinary.

It's really refreshing.

And now I've gone and stayed up way too late and accomplished nothing. Time to get some sleep.

<b>THIRD PERSON WRITING SAMPLE:</b> [ Taken from an AU-ish Zombie RP I had her in ]

Though the sky wasn't raining down on her, somehow it felt like it was. The ground splashed up murky dark water with every heavy foot fall Tifa made. She moved slowly almost like a wraith, slightly swaying from side to side. The sight she was met with at her destination had all but decimated the hope she had in her to find anything left living in this place. Brief images of the dead bodies near the hospital continually flashed like black and white photographs in her mind. The undelivered missive was crumpled tightly in one black, leather gloved hand until she finally gave up on carrying it. It was pointless now, afterall, wasn't it? Was her friend even alive? Had Auron survived the fight with that thing? Did at least some of the soldiers that were dropped in that area make it out alive? At least she wasn't crying. She was too mortified, too numb to manage that kind of profound expression of emotion. The familiarity of finding a massacre like that seemed all too familiar, but she was desperately shoving those painful memories down. Seven years ago... but what happened then was nothing compared to the environment she was currently buried in.

Dazed, her dark red eyes were slowly lifted from the pavement to the path before her. The street seemed empty, but there was nothing peaceful about it. The silence was eerie and foreboding. She was half-expecting a fog to start rolling in at this rate. She could hear water dripping, the distinct howls of undead dogs in the distance, and the faintest sound of gunfire. People were still fighting. Finally, she actually released the letter from her grasp and kicked it into a gutter. She had no use for it anymore. Stopping in her tracks, she glanced down to the soiled message. People were <i>still</i> fighting. She couldn't give up yet. That wasn't like her at all. Drawing in a deep breath, Tifa settled down on the sidewalk's edge. She removed her gloves for the moment and ran her hands through her dark hair. The way the moon was shining light upon the street created moving, almost living shadows She didn't seem too phased by it, apathy was the only expression she could conjure for the moment.

Uncertain of how long she had been sitting there with her eyes on the moon beating down from above, Tifa finally drew herself back up from the ground. As she was about to tuck her gloves into her right backpocket, a sudden flash of a figure entered her line of sight. She remained rigid, eyes following the path it took. Whatever it was, it was moving fast. A quick survey of the surrounding area turned up negative as far as other beasts were concerned, but she wasn't too trusting of what she saw anymore. Sliding her only weapon back over her hands, she flexed her fingers and then followed silently after whatever it was that had disappeared into the alley. She was starting to heavily dislike alleys. Before she entered unknown territory, she pressed her back up against the wall adjacent to the start of the alley and peered around the corner.

Tifa let her eyes adjust to the darkened atmosphere of the area she was about to launch herself into. Last time she had done this, she made a pretty decent acquaintance that she was still worried about. If anyone could have survived that <i>thing</I> though, deep down she had no doubts that it could be him. She could only hope whatever she might find here brought her good luck as before. After a few minutes passed, Tifa finally edged out from around the corner and crept silently down the trash-laden pathway. Soon enough, the end of the alley was in front of her. No one and (more importantly) nothing was visible.

"I could have sworn..." She trailed off, mindful of not giving her presence away to anything that could be watching her instead. She would have to be on her guard in the event that she had already given herself away. Scanning every possible place something could be lurking, even the awnings hanging over her, she finally huffed in irritation. Had she just been seeing things? Hands were placed on her hips and she turned to eye the dumpster standing to her left. What if it was hiding in <i>that</i>? Cracking her knuckles, she moved cautiously towards the lid and tentatively raised it with one hand while leaving the other poised and ready in a tightly clenched fist.

Nothing, not even a cat to scare her.

Heaving out a sigh, Tifa turned her back to the dumpster and settled back down on the ground. Well, now she certainly felt like an idiot.</lj-cut>
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2006|03:00 am]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |rushedrushed]
[Current Music |Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper]

..All right. I'm heading back out to the west side of the dorms to pick 'em off. Anyone who's up for it, you're welcome to join. I'm sure I can handle it though.

I'm just glad Aerith isn't here to see this.
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2006|06:06 pm]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |blankblank]

Looks like I missed out on the Easter craze. Those are some interesting looking costumes. ..Definitely not my style. But ah, hope everyone has fun doin' it.

They want us to wear some godforsaken bunny ears at the bar on Sunday. Think I'll pass on that little adventure. The customers are perverted enough as it is. No need to add to it. Seriously considering switching shifts with someone just to get out of it, but I'm not gonna complain. Especially after seeing some of those outfits... Ahh, those of you participating are far braver than I.
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.... [Apr. 3rd, 2006|02:27 am]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]

What on earth is going on with this campus? A guy with a severed arm? Really now, what's the actual story? That can't possibly be true...
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Take the disaffected life... [Apr. 1st, 2006|02:17 am]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |Starsailor - Tie up my Hands]

All right... all the tension on campus is really starting to rub off on me.

I think Jack 'n coke and some company would do some good, definitely. I'm off to the bar to unwind. If anyone wants to come with, ask away! Drinks of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety are on me.
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...hey now. [Mar. 22nd, 2006|08:15 pm]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]

Anyone uh.. know any good places to get sports bras at? Kind of last minute.

I'm not going into work without.. .. er.

The underwear stealing I can handle. The other..? Not so much. Kind of need that.. ahhh, this is awkward.

x.x ..that emoticon is more or less accurate.
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Geez. [Mar. 20th, 2006|11:26 am]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |The Eagles - Take it Easy]

I thought the Midgar drunks were bad, but the green beer-drinking regulars at the tavern on St. Patty's clearly take the cake. I get the whole Irish equates liquor thing (..I guess), but that just seems a little reckless to be doing in public in this city. I can't tell you how many cabs I had to call for drunkards. It took even longer 'cause sometimes I couldn't even understand the person on the other line. Hopefully those people got home okay enough to have their hangovers in private.

Crazy weekend. At least I have the next couple of days off.
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First time for everything. [Mar. 12th, 2006|01:44 am]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper]

Getting situated here has been interesting. Finally found the time to look for a job. As luck would have it, I got one at uh... Puffy's Tavern? Not exactly where I envisioned myself, the name considered, but it's an experience. I get to all but run the bar over the weekends. There goes havin' fun at night, but this will be good. I'm interested in meeting more of the people living here.

I've only worked a couple of shifts there now, but let me tell you. The register system they have? Completely different. Everything is a lot more high tech than what I'm used to, which is amazing considering just how advanced everyone thought Midgar was. I'm sure it's not that big of a deal to most people, and it hasn't been hard adjusting. It's just weird.

Just gotta make a reminder to myself to pick up some lighters and another coat to wear outside of work, 'cause mine smells like cigarettes and liquor. As much as I enjoy drinking it and serving it, I really dislike the smell. Doesn't bother me when I'm working, but after I've clocked out? I'd like to not smell like leftover booze.

Anyway, Faris, Vincent--I still have to take you both out for a drink! When do you guys want to do that? I don't have to work too late this Saturday. Let me know. And Quistis, let's do Denny's again some time!

Now, I need a drink and to do my Algebra.
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... [Mar. 3rd, 2006|12:40 pm]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]

Yuffie, Vincent.

She's here.

Yes, her.
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First attempt at one of these things. [Feb. 26th, 2006|03:50 am]
anne marie; experience the warmth
[Current Mood |recumbentrecumbent]

Well, here's to a fresh start in a new place. Getting my (entire lack of) stuff together has been a treat, but I'm happy to be doing this. A strange kind of anxious happy, at least. It's another adventure... just what I needed. First things first though! Job hunting. Aside from self-defense, liquor is my "thing." Lucky for me, the drinks haven't seemed to change. That'll be advantageous (I hope). I should try to adjust to the city first, but I'd rather just launch myself into it head on instead. It's the best way to learn, and a sure fire way of keeping my mind off other things.

I'm most looking forward to just... meeting people. There seems to be all sorts of interesting types around! I feel so ordinary.

It's really refreshing.

But now I've gone and stayed up way too late and accomplished nothing. Time to get some sleep.
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